Low calorie alcoholic drinks

Being on a diet doesn’t have to mean sacrificing the odd tipple. These low calorie alcoholic drinks won’t pile on the pounds. With the party season fast approaching, our alcohol intake can start to increase.

So how can we enjoy a few drinks without piling on the pounds? But when it comes to alcoholic drinks, sometimes the calories don’t register, even. Drinking alcohol can also make you feel hungrier because alcohol can lower . In one of the more unfair laws of the universe, alcohol isn’t exactly a health elixir.

If gin is your liquor of choice, go with a classic gimlet at the bar. This drink combines a splash of Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice with your favorite . That’s why we found drinks that are low-cal (1or less).

Add fresh lime or lemon juice for a low-calorie flavour hit. How many calories if I drink Gin with diet tonic water? These drinks are on this list based on their nutrient value, caloric density.

Sure, a vodka and soda is the among the most low-cal ways to drink, . Raise your glass filled with one of one of these lower-calorie beverages instead. The bigger a drink, the more alcohol it has an therefore, the more calories it .